In Our Clients' Own Words

Don is a real expert who will teach you- (the owner) the fundementals on how to train your dog to behave and respond to vocal and hand commands. We just finsihed our dog training sessions with Don Abney for our standard poodle- Lexi. Lexi is far more relaxed when we have guests/company over for dinner- no jumping up and she now heals by our side on walks without pulling. Don will teach you how to be the pack leader and you'll be amazed at how fast your dog will respond. The best part is- there is no harsh treatment that could break your dog's spirit. Thank you Don for a great experience!


Buzz Jackson - Covington, LA

Just want to say "thank you" again for training Mace and Miles. I was very impressed today when I had them sit while a lady walked by on the trail with her little anklebiter, and they stayed put (even though they acted like it was killing them). A few months ago they would have ripped both my arms out of their sockets to "go play." Our walks are so much nicer, now!!!


Ashlin Thurston, Leesville, LA

Don, Just wanted to touch base and give you some feedback on Lucy and her training. I cannot express how pleased I am with Lucy and her ability to track deer. She has successfully found five deer for us, one of which I am sure we would have never found without her. It is clear that she is getting better each time and I no longer have any doubt in her ability. In fact, she is only limited by my ability to keep up with her on her tracks. Lucy, as she is still young and in need of more obedience training, simply amazes the other club members. None believed that such a free spirit would be able to settle down and focus on the task at hand. She does it with almost no effort and leaves most of them speechless. She truly is a wonderful companion and I have you to thank for harnessing her abilities to do what she was obviously born to do. Thanks Again.


Chris Rayer - Covington, LA - Tracking

It's a great course. We brought two dogs: Molly(bloodhound) and Chrissy (Choc. Lab). The course was great and we appreciate that we can call Don with a question when behavior issues with dogs occur.


Gayle Scheuermann - Covington, LA - Obedience

Don was very knowledgeable about his training techniques and my dog responded very well to his training. Thanks Don for everything.


Don Gutelius - Folsom, LA - Obedience

A weekend course of tracking conducted by Don Abney in Lewisberry, PA and hosted by our local dog club. We had tons of positive comments and are still receiving requests to have Don return for a second session. Excellent instruction from basic to working.


Suzanne White - Lewisberry, PA - Tracking Seminar

This was very interactive as well as positive feedback. We really felt we got super training. It was a full and informative weekend. We have adapted Don's charting technique and it's working very well.


Brandi Eager - Drumore, PA - Tracking Seminar

Greetings! I am writing this email for two reasons. The first is to express my sincere appreciation to Mr. Don Abney for everything that he has done for me and my full blood German Shepherd "Kane". The importance that he placed on not only my dog doing what is expected of him, but also the importance of what is expected of me by my dog. I sometimes felt during the basic obedience classes that I was the one getting trained because Kane just simply knew what to do after the commands were given, proper correction was implemented, and the correct way to praise was taught to me, the dog owner. My dog went through the basic obedience course (on lead) and people are always astounded by what Kane and I can accomplish when working together. Kane's overall demeanor and behavior has improved by leaps and bounds, and it shows even when he is off of his lead. I anticipate the day that Kane and I can continue training together on more challenging aspects such as off lead commands and tracking with Mr. Don. The classes are very affordable, user friendly, and enjoyable for both dog and owner and for that I thank Abcantra and Mr. Don Abney. The next reason for this email is to acknowledge that Mr. Don's love for what he does shows in how he conducts himself with his own animals as well as the way he handles other people's animals. Mr. Don is very knowledgeable on several aspects of animal behaviors, and the way he communicates this to the dog owner is imperative in developing the trust and respect needed for the training to be a success for both dog and owner. I want to say Thank You, again, Mr. Don, and I can not wait to continue with the next phases of Kane's development, as well as mine. Sincerely,


S. Jarreau - Hammond, LA - Obedience

You almost have to see it to believe it! It is so incredible watching Don with my 4 month old puppy. He's a miracle worker! Before Don agreed to help me train my puppy, Jackson, a yellow lab, he was completely out of control. He absolutely "ruled the roost" in our household. But after only one training class with Don, my husband and I noticed a difference. Now, after attending just 6 training classes, we hava a dog who listens, obeys our commands, is completely potty trained and is a pleasure to have around. Don demands total respect and Jackson gives it to him, and yet when Don arrives, Jackson couldn't be more thrilled. I found the training classes to be very interesting - yes, I learned a lot, too! And Im not going to say that it's easy - but just taking 15 minutes a day and following Don's lead and expert advice really works wonders. I can't sing his praises enough! Thanks!


Mrs. Nelson "Stevie" Breve - Mandeville, LA - Obedience

Dear Don: I wanted to write and thank you for all of the help you have provided in the training of Natchez and Diablo, both in obedience and basic tracking. Obedience training was a first for me, as I have never gone through this before. Having been advised by many of its necessity with Catahoulas, I decided to contact you after a web search. I am glad that I did. You made the experience both entertaining and tainless. Your knowledge and ability to get the dogs to heel and obey the basic commands was impressive. I knew you were a superior trainer when you could take any dog, no matter how much trouble it was giving the owner, and have it performing the desired task within thirty seconds generally, and two minutes at the most. The class was well worth the weekly drive across the lake. Prior to this, I had observed obedience classes from time to time here in New Orleans which struck me as more chaos than training. Your methods and structure were simple, easy to follow and, most importantly, effective. Any difficulties I experienced were due to my not following through with homework and not with your teaching. The first day of tracking class, I harbored a few doubts as to how in the world having my dog sniff the ground and run a few yards to me in a wide open field was going to help it learn to trail a specific deer in the woods. Given the difficulty I somethimes have with the "come" command, I was thankful they ran to me as opposed to taking off (obedience traiing does work). Keeping in mind that you are good with dogs and train for search and rescue, I had faith and persisted. The dogs became quite good at tracking me, my son and Rick Franco, but I was still not convinced that this was oging to translate into finding a wounded or dead deer. These concerns were allayed the first time you laid out a scent trail using a small piece of deer hide and dribbled blood over it. The dogs' excitement when they cam across the blood was impressive. I knew then that they would be able to find a deer. Two things in particular stand out from the tracking class. The first is your showing us how scent may pool away from where the actual object being sought is located. On that day, every dog first went to the "wrong" side of a large forked tree where the scent had pooled from the opposite side. Second, I really enjoyed working at the Pearl River locks where more realistic and difficult scent trails could be laid out. Not every attempt at finding a deer has been successful. There have been two failures, both under very difficult circumstances. The first time the dogs tried to find a deer, there was only a single small drop of blood in the woods 75-80 yards from where the deer had been shot. The hunter had tramped around contaminating the area for more that an hour before he called me. It was my mistake to make this their first effort at a real deer. The second was this year in the rain. It was simply asking a little too much. There have been a number of successes. One that was particularly gratifying for me as a Catahoula owner occured this year. They chased and bayed up a wounded deer three times before we finally caught up with them. It was nice to see that Catahoula instinct in action. Finally, I want to thank you again for all of your help and assistance. This goes far beyond the classes I have taken. I appreciate your willingness to take time to talk to me about problems with my dogs both in person and over the phone. I did not purchase my dogs from your kennel, but you have been kind enough to provide me with the benefit of your knowledge and experience whenever I asked. I will always be grateful for this. Sincerely,


Wayne H. Carlton, Jr. - New Orleans, LA - Obedience & Tracking

Owning a dog involves many responsibilities, some of which are more significant than others. Perhaps the most important obligation to not only yourself as the owner, but to others, is creating an obedient animal. This will enhance your relationship with the dog, and potentially optimize the conditions regarding its safety. Not to mention it will provide you with an opportunity for a weekly outing for a six week period of time where you can share in other dog owner's obedience trials and tribulations as well as create an outlet for more fun along the way. What I looked for was a knowledgeable and dynamic individual and that was Don Abney. I was fortunate enough to attend class with friends which enhanced the experience. We watched as our puppies not only grew physcally as collars became tighter over two months, but they began to perform numerous tasks associated with obedience. The test in the end reflects an actual objective competition form, and our bundles of joy transformed from hyperactive puppies to dogs capable of passing a comprehensive test. I attended the class with my first dog as an adult and since have had three more. I have tried to utilize the principles I learned at class on my new dogs and have had some limited success. However, the personalized instructions, the animal interaction, and socialization cannot be reproduced in your back yard as they are in a parking lot under the supervision of Don Abney. I highly recommend the class and cannot wait to find the time to attend it for the second time.


Al Nastasi III - Covington, LA - Obedience

I met Mr. Don a couple of years ago when I purchased my first Catahoula. I fell in love with the breed and wanted to learn more about it. I ran into him through work and realized he was a "Catahoula Man." I brought my dog to him and our relationship began. Don is a friendly and helpful person. He is so valuable to me because of his vast knowledge about Catahoulas. He is even more valuable in that his door is always open to me (if he is home). Despite my constant flood of phone calls to him, he continues to answer the phone and my incessant questions. As a trainer, Don is superb. I've been to other trainers whose methods are ineffective. Don's are not. His reasonably priced classes are structured around dog show obedience trails. Conveniently located and scheduled, I have found it easy to attend. I'm on my second enrollment because of my new puppy. If he turns out half as obedient as my first "Don's class graduate", who repeatedly has placed in obedience trails, I will be satisfied. Recently, I bred my Catahoula for the first time. I am very thankful to him for the success of the litter. He openly shared his knowledge, which is vast due to experience and research. (He has the oldest line of dogs anywhere, which can be traced back to the Indians). I feel it is because of him that I knew what to do when my dog had puppies. I really appreciate Don, as a mentor and as a friend. He has taught me more about dogs, (not just Catahoulas), training them, breeding them and raising them than one could ever imagine. I don't know why he helps me or listens to me, but he does. He takes a real interest in me and seems to be willing to share any information with me. Where others might withhold information to maintain some advantage, he does not. I have gained a wealth of knowledge from him and have made a great friend.


Joseph Caserta - Covington, LA - Obedience & Tracking

Owning an uneducated dog that has no idea what is being asked of him is not a joy to be around. Yelling, hitting, locking them up, or giving them away solves nothing. It causes stress for the dog and owner. Owning a dog should not be stressful, it should be sheer enjoyment. My dogs bring me no monetary rewards but they provide me with companionship, protection, and help with my horses. I board and train Arabian show horses. Four years ago a 10 month old male Dalmatian showed up at my barn covered in dog bites and blood. After a $300 vet bill I became the owner of a 70 lb bundled of terror. He would jump on people, chase their horses, and steal their equipment, all while I was yelling and chasing him. To his stall he would go, locked up and miserable. My dogs need to listen for the safety of themselves, myself, the horses, and other people. An uncontrolled dog can cause a rider to fall off a horse to injure themself, or the dog can get kicked. Mr. Abney's class changed both of us. He is now tuned in to me at all times. He is happy, I am happy, life is great. He understands what I want, and is happy to respond. He trots along with me when I ride, he sticks to me like glue while I work, and he even catches mice. What joy it is to have him with me at all times. No yelling, no spanking, no locking him up. Mr. Abney trained me to train him. Two months ago someone gave me a 10 month old male German Shepard that was out of control. He flattened me 20 times. I called Mr. Abney again for help. We are halfway through his class and it is miraculous how much he has changed. I know without a doubt that I will now have two wonderful friends that fit into my life perfectly. They cause me no stress or heartache, only sheer enjoyment. Now I have another Dalmatian that has been trained in conformation. Thanks Mr. Abney.


Terri Palmisano - Folsom, LA - Obedience & Conformation

Just wanted drop a line to thank you for the wonderful job you did training Raliegh. Even though it has been over two years since he was at your kennel, he is still the BEST EVER behaved dog, and would never know there is a dog at the other end of the leash when walked.


Malinda Wilczynski, Sarcoxie, Mo

We sent Clyde to learn to track. We haven't put him to the test yet so we're not sure how much he has retained but believe he got excellent training and his behavior also improved-less aggressive.


Sondra Tipton - Lake Charles, LA - Tracking / Blood Trailing

I have attended both land and water cadaver classes for many years and always come away from the training satisfied. I have bought 2 Catahoulas from Don and my team has acquired some also for cadaver searching.


Ja'Na Bickel - The Woodlands, TX - Cadaver Recovery - Land & Water

I am very pleased with the performance of my dog Kilia.


George Guerin - Lettsworth, LA - Obedience & Tracking

Buster is the Best. Folks can't get over how well he listens. Nadia could possibly go back for another session.


Ross Fayard - Slidell, LA - Obedience

Don, you are a class act. My dogs turned out even better than I could have dreamed possible. Daisy has found 11 deer (one track was over a mile). I have run her on more than a dozen human tracks and she has only failed on one occasion. I don't believe Angola's bloodhounds could have done better. Josie has found three deer and successfully completed many simulated tracks. Thanks Don for your great knowledge and ability.


Hal Montgomery - Doyline, LA - Obedience & Tracking / Blood Trailing

I was very pleased with training and the conditions of your kennels. I have already referred others to your courses. The next Catahoula pup I get will come straight to you for training. Thanks for your patience in Rowdy. I couldn't have done what you did with him. He is doing great. 10 months old, and has already found 12 deer this year. One he tracked over 600 yards after we gave up on it.


Brandon Brown, St. Francisville, LA - Obedience & Tracking

Very well pleased with the Facility and the Training.


Huey "Butch" Crabtree - Kennel V Avoyelles - Mansura, LA - Tracking / Blood Trailing

Don is very knowledgeable and a patient instructor. I loved this seminar and hope to attend another soon.


Mellisa Ellis - Metairie, LA - Cadaver Seminar - Land & Water

Ebby, Standard Poodle, learned quickly all to sit, walk with the metal collar, lie down but she still will not come readily when called. We only have horse fencing on the property, and it is too easy for her to chase a rabbit into my neighbors' yard. I believe "I flunked" that part of the training, but we did not spend much time on that.


Sally McGehee - Covington, LA - Obedience

The course was great and very effective. If there were any issues they likely lie with the owners of the dog. Don is great with dogs and more importantly how people interact with dogs. Don provides a dog's owners with the resources and tips necessary to ensure successful reinforcement and maintenance of the obedience training throughout our pet's life.


Mark Inman - Mandeville, LA - Obedience

Your course was so effective I don't think any improvements are necessary. Don not only changed our dog's life, but our life, too. We were having so many behavior and aggression problems with Rusty and we just didn't know how to correct them. After the first meeting with Don, we could see a huge difference with ourselves & Rusty. After completing 6 weeks of training, we couldn't believe the results. We now call Don, "Mr. Don" since he is a dog miracle worker. We couldn't be more pleased with the results and we are forever grateful for Don and his training program.


Leigh Thibodeaux - Covington, LA - Obedience

Our dog was a very stubborn Lab. Afterwards he was a pleasant animal, and fun to work with. Was going to send him back for tracking, but, he was stolen. We miss him and will be replacing him, and he will be sent to Don.


Joseph Lindley - Opelousas, LA - Obedience

Jazzy was a very hard headed Lab. She is now one year old and still very puppy in many ways, but no longer showing dominance to other dogs. While her owner (me) has lacked working with her due to ongoing illness, she still knows and remembers her commands taught by you! When we are able to get out and walk, we start with all basic commands and she responds accordingly. She is lovable, silly, goofy and a joy to be around! Thanks for all you did with her!


Tracey McKenzie - Slidell, LA - Obedience