Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Some of our most frequently asked canine training questions are answered here.

If you have an issue not covered, please contact us

Yes, we train all breeds of dog.

We offer Obedience, Conformation, Tracking - both Animal and Human, Treeing, Baying, Herding, Narcotics, Cadaver Recovery, Drowned Victim Recovery, Building Searches, Urban Searches, and Disaster Searches. We do not train water fowl retrieval or personal protection.

Give us a call or send us a video tape of the problem you are having. I will give you the solution to your problem.

Not at this time, but it is in the works to produce tapes to cover the aspects of training.

We reveal the secrets that most trainers would like you to believe is magic. You get a full explanation of the problem, the root cause, and the solution using tried and proven methods that have been developed over the years of training dogs.

Our training program is set up for a six (6) week training. Some dogs will advance more rapidly than others, and we can get them ready within four (4) weeks. We offer six (6) weeks to ensure that the dog progresses at his own pace.

Yes, however, it is best to work with your dog on his commands and training to keep it fresh in his mind. It's very similar to your working with fractions. You know them, but if you don't work them regularly, you have to stop and think what you must do to complete the task.

If you are too far away to get your dog to us, shipping is available through the airlines and other commercial carriers. You are responsible for the cost of shipping and receiving. We will gladly pick up your dog at the required locations and return him.

Positive Reinforcement, Chain Collar, Pinch Collar, Electronic Collar. Each dog learns differently. I believe in the use of a correction (chain - not choke) collar. If used properly, positive results can be achieved in a very short time. Although this is the most common method, all dogs do not respond to this type of training. When that is encountered, we modify the program to achieve the desired results. If a food reward is necessary, then it is used only to help the dog understand the lesson, and then it is removed. There isn't any one way to train a dog.

Each dog is assigned a partially covered outside run. The covers are arranged so the dog can choose sun or shade. Each run has access to separate housing, water and food. Runs measure 12 x 4 feet so the dog has adequate room for movement. All runs have concrete floors. All houses have wooden floors.

In addition to training sessions, each dog is allowed out of his run twice a day for 15 -20 minutes of play/running exercise during cleaning, feeding, and water changes. The exercise yard is attached to the kennel compound with an overall measurement of 200 x 75 feet. This in addition to the kennel which is located within a 100 x 75 compound. The kennel is situated on 5 1/2 acres of land and a 3/4 acre pond.

The kennel is located 100 feet outside of my bedroom window. There are three locked gates, exterior lighting, motion detectors and alarms provided for your pet's protection. The kennel is enclosed by a second exterior fence to prevent escapes. There is always someone here to provide care and maintenance for the dogs.

We have access to five (5) veterinarians and an emergency facility. You will be responsible for any debt which occurs for veterinary care due to illness or injury. You will be promptly notified if your dog needs any veterinary care so that you may make any required decisions, with the exception of any emergency situation. We will handle emergencies as if they were our own, and you will be promptly notified of the situation.