Socialized Pet Obedience Test

SPOT Socialized Pet Obedience Test

(United Kennel Club - UKC)

  1. Walking on a Loose Leash Through a Designated Pattern.
    Complete a left turn, right turn, and U-turn (about turn) (without stops).
  2. Leave It.
    Weave in and out of stationary distractions (toys or food).
  3. Doorway Manners.
    Dog demonstrates that he can remain under control when entering or exiting a building,
  4. Loading and Unloading.
    Dog accepts loading and unloading into a crate. Remains calm during dog & handler distraction.
  5. Moving Dog Distraction.
    Team moves toward another team, shoulder to shoulder, then dog to dog.
  6. Manners with Distraction.
    Part 1: You are seated in a chair with your dog sitting or lying down. Dog remains in position as another team approaches you and exchange greetings
    Part 2: Dog must remain stationary as you pick up the chair and walk 10-15 feet.
  7. Greeting an Approaching Stranger.
    Dog accepts approaching stranger and allows head to be petted.
  8. Sit and Down on Command.
    Dog both sits and downs on command.
  9. Grooming Exam.
    Dog submits to a physical examination by Evaluator. The Evaluator will approach the dog from the front and lift one of the dog's front feet. While holding the foot, the Evaluator will manipulate the dog's toes and pads softly to ensure that the dog will tolerate its foot being handled. After examining the foot, the Evaluator will then lift the dog's lip to check the dog's teeth, and touch and glance inside the dog's ears.
  10. Stay in Place and Come on Command.
    Dog is placed in stay position, and comes when called from a distance of 10 feet. A lead or long line will be used for this exercise.